Hard Conversations

Hard conversations are always the most important conversations. Yet, we avoid them, because they are hard.

This morning, I talked with a friend of mine about this very subject. Hard conversations are important, that is why they are hard.

My friend had been putting of a hard conversation for a while and things kept getting worse.

She was getting married in the fall. All of money was spent, plans were made, friends and family were looking forward to the big day.

There was only one problem, she decided some time ago, she did not want to marry him.

The conversation was so painful to have, she kept waiting for just the right moment to have it. The right moment never happened.

Months from her big day, she had to have the conversation, or be married, unhappy.

She had the conversation. It was hard, it would of been much easier if she had the conversation earlier. Harder still, if she would of waited.

As I listened and reflected on my own life, a few thoughts came to mind.

1. The most important person to have hard conversations with, is ourselves.

2. There is no good time to have the hard conversation. Sooner the better, it will not get easier, only harder.

3. The more hard conversations you have, the better you get at them, the more confidence you gain. The better things will be.

4. Search out the hard conversations and have them.

Thanks for reading

Rich Fox

Published by Richard Fox

I'm a deep thinker and life long learner. I'm always trying to push outside my comfort zone, to grow.

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