Morning Rituals My 5

What are morning rituals? Morning rituals, are daily habits done in the morning. Why the morning? The morning sets the tone for the day. You own the morning, you will not be interupted. It is only you.

To start your morning rituals, have a list of what they are. Do your rituals everyday. Start small and keep them small. These are my morning rituals.

Pushups 10

Read 10 min

Journal 10 min

Meditate 10 min

Graditude 10 things

Why do I start small? I want to make it easy, I want my mornings to be filled with wins. If I make it hard, long, and drawn out, I will not create the habits, I desire. I will stop doing my morning rituals. Set yourself up to win.

We are playing the long game. Our morning rituals are set up todo everyday. These are baby steps. I can not stress enough the importants of keeping it small and simple. The days weeks, months and years will add up. Let’s take a look at reading. After one week, you will have 70 minuets of reading. After 1 year you will have 3,640 minutes of reading. That is 60 hours of reading. Now think about the rest of your morning rituals, 60 hours in each area. These rituals can change your life.

I will explore with you the why, I do each of my 5 rituals in my next 5 blog posts.

Start your morning rituals tomorrow morning.

Slay the day… Rich Fox

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I'm a deep thinker and life long learner. I'm always trying to push outside my comfort zone, to grow.

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