10 Pushups

Why 10 pushups?

In my last post, I talked about my morning rituals. Doing 10 pushups, is part of my morning rituals. I do them first, I do all my rituals in the same order everyday. Our brains love patterns.

I have five reasons, I do 10 pushups everymorning.

  1. It wakes me up. The blood gets pumping, I feel strong, I feel good.
  2. It’s a win. I am trying to create the habit of winning. Small wins add up to big wins.
  3. Why do I do 10 pushups? Because, I know I can do 10 pushups. When I started my morning rituals, I could only do 5. Set a number, you can accomplish everyday, especially when you don’t feel like not doing it. I have many mornings when I don’t want to do pushups. I know, I can do 10.
  4. I am building the habit of self-dicipline. Doing my 10 push-ups everyday, builds self-dicipline. Doing my 10 pushups, when I don’t want to builds stronger self-dicipline.
  5. Accomplishing the 10 pushups, makes me happy. I feel good when I’m done. Our bodies were made to move, build muscle, and to stretch.

What are your morning rituals?

Slay the day – Rich Fox

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I'm a deep thinker and life long learner. I'm always trying to push outside my comfort zone, to grow.

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