Read for 10 minutes

The written word has changed our world. Before writing was invented, all stories, messages, ideas and thoughts, had to be remembered. Everything had been lost before the written word was invented. We did not have the ability to remember. 

As individuals, writing helps us think, writing focuses our thoughts. We can remember what our thoughts were 10 years ago. Writing also helps share our ideas and thoughts with others. This allows others to think and ponder and idea. We can read “Meditations” from Marcus Aurelius. He was a Roman Emperor born in 121 AD.  “Meditations” is a journal he kept. When you read that you realize problems in 121 AD are the same as now. Books are distilled ideas and thoughts of a person.

Read a book. 10 minutes in the morning and it will change your life.

Slay the day

Rich Fox

Published by Richard Fox

I'm a deep thinker and life long learner. I'm always trying to push outside my comfort zone, to grow.

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