Take 100% Responsibility for your life

Why should we take 100% responsibility for our lives? I have asked myself this question many times. I always answer the same way.

If we don’t take 100% responsibility for our lives, then we are giving up control of our lives. If we don’t take 100% responsibility for our lives, then how can we change our lives for the better?

Everything that happens to us, we are responsible for. Is this true? Are there things in our lives we can not control?

Yes. Things happen to us that we have no control over. That is a fact of life. But, we still have choice. We can decide our reaction, how we think about it, our mind set. We can ask ourselves a series of questions; What can I learn from this? How can this make me change for the better? How can I become stronger from this? How can this help others? What am I not seeing, or understanding? Most importantly we can choose our focus.

If we own everything in our lives. All of our thoughts, actions, decisions, our circumstances. It is all ours. That can be hard, hard to unpack, hard to except. We find out things about ourselves, things we don’t like, we find out we are not perfect, we are human, and that we have done things to ourselves and others that we are not proud of. But, from this reflection we grow, we become better people. We change. We like ourselves more.

When we own our lives 100%, we become empowered. We get excited, we feel the energy, we see the world different, better. We are better.

Published by Richard Fox

I'm a deep thinker and life long learner. I'm always trying to push outside my comfort zone, to grow.

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