Be Thankful

In my busy life, I forget to be thankful. Chasing my dreams, hitting deadlines, being a husband and father, I forget to be thankful for all I have.

When I first get up, I think about what I’m thankful for. I also write down in my journal what I’m thankful for. Being thankful, makes me happy, stops my anxiety and re focuses what is important and things are good.

Be thankful. Life is good.

I Like Myself

We can only have one thought at a time. It is impossible for humans to have two thoughts at the same time. We are really good a switching the one thought out for another thought, but never more than one thought at a time.

Our outer world reflects our inner world. What we think most of the time manifests in our outer world. What is our inner world? Our thoughts. When our thoughts are negative, dark and depressing. We feel depressed. This can become a loop that is hard to break.

The one thing no one can ever take away is how we choose to think. The next time you have a negative thought replace it with “I like myself, I like myself, I like myself” You will discover it makes you feel good and it breaks the loop.

Many of us are not nice to ourselves. We beat ourselves up mentally all day long. Replacing negative thoughts with “I Like Myself” will make you happy about yourself and your world.

Be nice to yourself you deserve it!

Thanks for reading

Rich Fox

Struggle, it’s needed to grow.

Dear Readers,

The last few weeks I have not posted. Why?

I have struggled to to write my blog. Why? I failed to take my own simple advice. That advice is to “Just Start”.

How often do we wait for things to be just right, before we begin. Or, we are waiting to be inspired, or motivated before we act.

In life we complicate things, when we really need to keep it simple.

Just Start.

Thanks for reading

Rich Fox

Problem Solving 101

I had a thought a few weeks back, that I did not know how to problem solve. Sure, I had shooting from the hip way, it worked most of time. Or, did it? How do I know my way worked, Do I solve all problems the same way?

No, how could I, I did not have a problem solving system.

I bought a book to help me. Problem solving 101.

It has given me a system to solve problems. Check it out!