Take 100% Responsibility for your life

Why should we take 100% responsibility for our lives? I have asked myself this question many times. I always answer the same way.

If we don’t take 100% responsibility for our lives, then we are giving up control of our lives. If we don’t take 100% responsibility for our lives, then how can we change our lives for the better?

Everything that happens to us, we are responsible for. Is this true? Are there things in our lives we can not control?

Yes. Things happen to us that we have no control over. That is a fact of life. But, we still have choice. We can decide our reaction, how we think about it, our mind set. We can ask ourselves a series of questions; What can I learn from this? How can this make me change for the better? How can I become stronger from this? How can this help others? What am I not seeing, or understanding? Most importantly we can choose our focus.

If we own everything in our lives. All of our thoughts, actions, decisions, our circumstances. It is all ours. That can be hard, hard to unpack, hard to except. We find out things about ourselves, things we don’t like, we find out we are not perfect, we are human, and that we have done things to ourselves and others that we are not proud of. But, from this reflection we grow, we become better people. We change. We like ourselves more.

When we own our lives 100%, we become empowered. We get excited, we feel the energy, we see the world different, better. We are better.

Read for 10 minutes

The written word has changed our world. Before writing was invented, all stories, messages, ideas and thoughts, had to be remembered. Everything had been lost before the written word was invented. We did not have the ability to remember. 

As individuals, writing helps us think, writing focuses our thoughts. We can remember what our thoughts were 10 years ago. Writing also helps share our ideas and thoughts with others. This allows others to think and ponder and idea. We can read “Meditations” from Marcus Aurelius. He was a Roman Emperor born in 121 AD.  “Meditations” is a journal he kept. When you read that you realize problems in 121 AD are the same as now. Books are distilled ideas and thoughts of a person.

Read a book. 10 minutes in the morning and it will change your life.

Slay the day

Rich Fox

10 Pushups

Why 10 pushups?

In my last post, I talked about my morning rituals. Doing 10 pushups, is part of my morning rituals. I do them first, I do all my rituals in the same order everyday. Our brains love patterns.

I have five reasons, I do 10 pushups everymorning.

  1. It wakes me up. The blood gets pumping, I feel strong, I feel good.
  2. It’s a win. I am trying to create the habit of winning. Small wins add up to big wins.
  3. Why do I do 10 pushups? Because, I know I can do 10 pushups. When I started my morning rituals, I could only do 5. Set a number, you can accomplish everyday, especially when you don’t feel like not doing it. I have many mornings when I don’t want to do pushups. I know, I can do 10.
  4. I am building the habit of self-dicipline. Doing my 10 push-ups everyday, builds self-dicipline. Doing my 10 pushups, when I don’t want to builds stronger self-dicipline.
  5. Accomplishing the 10 pushups, makes me happy. I feel good when I’m done. Our bodies were made to move, build muscle, and to stretch.

What are your morning rituals?

Slay the day – Rich Fox

Morning Rituals My 5

What are morning rituals? Morning rituals, are daily habits done in the morning. Why the morning? The morning sets the tone for the day. You own the morning, you will not be interupted. It is only you.

To start your morning rituals, have a list of what they are. Do your rituals everyday. Start small and keep them small. These are my morning rituals.

Pushups 10

Read 10 min

Journal 10 min

Meditate 10 min

Graditude 10 things

Why do I start small? I want to make it easy, I want my mornings to be filled with wins. If I make it hard, long, and drawn out, I will not create the habits, I desire. I will stop doing my morning rituals. Set yourself up to win.

We are playing the long game. Our morning rituals are set up todo everyday. These are baby steps. I can not stress enough the importants of keeping it small and simple. The days weeks, months and years will add up. Let’s take a look at reading. After one week, you will have 70 minuets of reading. After 1 year you will have 3,640 minutes of reading. That is 60 hours of reading. Now think about the rest of your morning rituals, 60 hours in each area. These rituals can change your life.

I will explore with you the why, I do each of my 5 rituals in my next 5 blog posts.

Start your morning rituals tomorrow morning.

Slay the day… Rich Fox

Who is Rich Fox

Who is Rich Fox? This is a question I ask everyday. Who am I? What are my beleifs? Why do I have these beleifs? Why do I have the habits I do? Why have I bocome the person I am?

Growth begins with questions. The most important questions we ask, are the ones we ask about ourselves. Those are also the toughest questions to ask. We don’t want to see the person behind the curtain, but we must. We must look, ask questions, reflect, ask more questions, change, and shed the old skin. It’s important to know ourselves. Why is it important? We affect the world around us.

Thanks for reading. Slay the Day!

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