Goal Setting

Less than 5% of people set goals. Only 1% of people actually write down their goals.

Everything man-made was first an idea, then a goal. We are built to set goals and accomplish them. It is in our DNA. There is only one other animal that can set a goal. The homing pigeon. You can take a homing pigeon 1,000’s of miles away, let it loose. It will fly straight up and circle three times, then fly for home. That is amazing.

We are the same way with goals. We set a goal and over time we accomplish the goal. We take an idea, set a goal and then accomplish it. Setting goals is the most powerful skill humans have. Yet, most of us do not use this skill.

Set a goal today. Take the time to write down one goal. You will be amazed how the simple act of writing down your goal, will help you accomplish the goal.

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Rich Fox

Love, is the Key to Happiness

The happiest of all men and women are those who continually look for ways to show love, kindness and affection toward the people around them.

Love must be shared. The only way you can have more love for ourself is by giving it away. The more love you give others, the more loved you will feel.

Love, the most important emotion we have, must be given for it to grow.

Think on this.

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Rich Fox

Hard Conversations

Hard conversations are always the most important conversations. Yet, we avoid them, because they are hard.

This morning, I talked with a friend of mine about this very subject. Hard conversations are important, that is why they are hard.

My friend had been putting of a hard conversation for a while and things kept getting worse.

She was getting married in the fall. All of money was spent, plans were made, friends and family were looking forward to the big day.

There was only one problem, she decided some time ago, she did not want to marry him.

The conversation was so painful to have, she kept waiting for just the right moment to have it. The right moment never happened.

Months from her big day, she had to have the conversation, or be married, unhappy.

She had the conversation. It was hard, it would of been much easier if she had the conversation earlier. Harder still, if she would of waited.

As I listened and reflected on my own life, a few thoughts came to mind.

1. The most important person to have hard conversations with, is ourselves.

2. There is no good time to have the hard conversation. Sooner the better, it will not get easier, only harder.

3. The more hard conversations you have, the better you get at them, the more confidence you gain. The better things will be.

4. Search out the hard conversations and have them.

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Rich Fox

Chunk it Down

My wife and I are building our dream house. We have never built a house, or did construction. How did we do it? We chuncked it down into small managable steps. It is amazing how well that works.

  1. Break your project into small steps.
  2. Focus on that small step until it is complete.
  3. Move to the next small step.

Some days, I was so tired from working at my job, I would do a really small step. Like put one window in, put one piece of sidding up. Those smal steps will add up quicker than you think.

Dream Big

Rich Fox


It always seems we are short on time. We are to busy to spend time with the most important people in our lives.

Set aside 3hrs during the month and have a picnic, barbecue or a garden party. Enjoy the time, sun and moment.

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Rich Fox

An Old Friend

Hello Dear Readers!

I have been thinking of many things these past weeks.

I pulled out an old book, I read many years ago that helped me when I was stuck in life. Books expand my mind, open doors I had never new existed. While I was reading this book for the second time, the ideas and concepts seemed different. As I continued to read I understood things I did not before. It was a great read. The book is called Success Principles by Jack Canfield. The book was not different, but I was.

It is an interesting thing, to understand, to have that moment of clarity. You never know what book, or teacher, or thought will change your life forever. It reminds me to keep my mind open and to stay curious.

Thanks for Reading

Rich Fox

Pay Attention, Your Results Don’t Lie

What are your results in life?

  • You are either rich or you are not
  • You are either healthy or you are not
  • You like your job or you don’t
  • You are either chasing your dreams or your not

Look around at your life and the people in it. Are you and they happy? Is there balance, beauty, comfort and joy.

The person we lie to the most is ourselves. Don’t kid yourself, don’t lie to yourself. Be honest. Take your own inventory.

All humans struggle with this. Why? Struggle is what evolves us, it makes us grow and change. It is hard not to lie to yourselves. You must search out the truth about yourself. How? Ask yourself questions, reflect on your out comes. Open your mind.

Thanks for reading

Rich Fox

You have to give up all your excuses

To create the life of your dreams, you must own 100% of your life.

What does this mean?

No more excuses.

99% of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses.

GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER – Chemist who discovered over 325 uses for the peanut.

Understand, that you always had the power to make it different, to get it right, to change the outcomes that you were disappointed in.

Why didn’t it happen for you? Ignorance, fear, the need to be right, lying to yourself about the situation, the need to feel safe, not caring, ignoring the signs, not having the hard conversation. The list goes on and on. WE all do it in our life. Think on this.

If something does not turn out as planned

Ask yourself

  • How did I create this?
  • What was I thinking?
  • What were my beliefs?
  • What did I say or not say?
  • What did I do or not do to create the result?
  • How did I get the other person to act that way?
  • What will I do different next time?

A few years back I had an employee who worked for me. He was toxic to everyone around him. Instead of seeing who and what he truly was, I lied to myself. I did not want to do the hard thing up front, I did not have the hard conversations. As time went on, he made me and my team miserable. I was miserable at work, at home. I thought I could help this person, save him from himself, boy was I wrong.

When I finally let him go, I felt free, I felt the weight lifted from me and the team. I had more time, I did not realize all the time I wasted on this person.

This person was a great teacher. What will I do different next time?

Have a great day – Take 100% responsibility for your life! Its yours…

Thanks for reading

Rich Fox

Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life

Most of us believe, we are entitled to a great life. A great life, will not just happen to us.

We must understand that we are 100% responsible for our lives. Everything good, or bad. If we don’t think we are 100% responsible for our lives, then how can we change?

We have been conditioned to blame something or someone else. It’s not us. When we do this we give up control and ownership of our own lives and take on the victim mentality.

Own it and change it.

Take 100% responsibility for your life. Only you can make your life a masterpiece.

Rich Fox