Our Journey

Our journey in life is unique. There are not two journey’s the same.

I journal every day to capture journey in time. I write about my joys and struggle’s. Years later, I enjoy reading what I wrote. I can see my growth as a human. I can see I still struggle with some of the same things. It also teaches me that the things I worried about were long forgotten.

Journaling is a gift to yourself. Putting things on paper is freeing. You can look back, to see how you have grown. Looking back will also spark memories long forgotten.

How to start?

  1. Buy a note book
  2. Find a time that you can journal everyday at the same time. I journal in the morning before any one else is up. Me, my cup of coffee and my thoughts.
  3. Begin writing. This is the hard part, but it’s not. Just write…
  4. What to write about? Anything, here are some ideas: Hopes, dreams, what are you thankful for, what is bothering you, what has been on your mind. The list goes on and on.
  5. The more you do it the easier it gets. It follows one of life’s laws “It’s hard before it gets easy”
  6. Just write. One word is fine. It’s about creating the habit.

Enjoy the day!

Rich Fox

Reading expands your life.

When I was youngster, I struggled to read. In my teens I read fiction, and lost myself in fantastical worlds. When I was twenty, my mentor gave me a book that changed my life forever. This book, put ideas in my head, gave me confidence, a road map to accomplish anything I wanted. It presented to me new concepts. Like goal setting, planning, pain and pleasure and how to use them to get what you want.

The book – “Awakin the Giant Within” By Tony Robbins

What book changed your life?

1 Way You Can Accomplish all Your Dreams in Life

Just Start.

We wait for the perfect time to start. There is no perfect time. The time to start will never be perfect. Life happens to us all the time, that is how it is. That is good. By design life is not perfect, the struggle makes us grow.

We wait until we are perfect, to start. We over research, over study, over think and never start. The best way to learn, is to do it. The struggle of your dream, will teach you as you go. Expect the struggle, welcome it, because that is the teacher.

Start with your heart. Your thinking will come later.

I wanted to start writing a blog two years ago. I would write about starting a blog in my journal, two years I did this. I was waiting for the right time. Then one day…

I just started.

Your dream, you have been thinking about. Start it today. Start with one small action. One small baby step.

Enjoy the day

Rich Fox


I have my morning rituals. I do the same five things every morning. They are, meditate for 10 minutes, read, journal, do five sets of an exercise and give thanks to what I have. When I start my day off this way, I feel centered, I feel good about myself and the day.

What are your rituals?

The beginning

Every thing has a beginning, a start. This is my beginning. My name is Rich Fox, I have much to share with the world. With you. My hope is, we can share ideas, struggles, techniques, challenges, insights, experiences, thoughts and life.

You see, I have been wanting to start a blog for two years. I always had a reason not too. I came up with many reasons, so I did not do it. I told myself, I did not have enough time, I would not know what to say, people would not want to hear what I had to say, I can’t write. Lie’s….

The person we lie to the most is ourselves. Why?