Goal Setting

Less than 5% of people set goals. Only 1% of people actually write down their goals.

Everything man-made was first an idea, then a goal. We are built to set goals and accomplish them. It is in our DNA. There is only one other animal that can set a goal. The homing pigeon. You can take a homing pigeon 1,000’s of miles away, let it loose. It will fly straight up and circle three times, then fly for home. That is amazing.

We are the same way with goals. We set a goal and over time we accomplish the goal. We take an idea, set a goal and then accomplish it. Setting goals is the most powerful skill humans have. Yet, most of us do not use this skill.

Set a goal today. Take the time to write down one goal. You will be amazed how the simple act of writing down your goal, will help you accomplish the goal.

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Rich Fox

Published by Richard Fox

I'm a deep thinker and life long learner. I'm always trying to push outside my comfort zone, to grow.

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